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Wireless Info/Frequently Asked Questions

 Experience the Thrill of our High Speed Wireless Broadband Service.
Surf at the highest speeds.. Download E-mails instantly!!
With plans starting at only $29.95 monthly.....why wait?
PICS.NET provides our customers with free personal Technical Support
when they have problems getting online and staying online. If you need support outside of our normal hours, we are still here to help..
just leave a voice message or call our technical support number.
See the question and answer section below to answer the more
commonly asked questions.
What is it going to cost me? There is a one time only activation fee of $99.95 with a 2 year contract.
The monthly fee depends on what speed you want plus tax.
Do I have to sign a contract? Yes, you must agree on a 2 year contract.
Does the wireless system require a telephone line? No, but our service requires the installation of an antenna on your home.
Do I have to buy my own equipment? NO - Pics.Net provides all equipent. There are options to buy Wireless Routers for your home to connect multiple computers or wireless devices.
Who installs the equipment? The equipment is installed by a Qualified Technician.
How far does the system reach? We will survey your location prior to installation to verify your needs. Be sure and check out our Locations we serve link at the bottom.
Will it work anywhere? You must be within radio range. Also the system requires line of site between our towers and your antenna so trees could interfere with the signal. Depending on your location, you may need additional equipment which can be added to your monthly service.
How many E-mail accounts do I get? Residential high speed wireless services includes up to 3 E-mail addresses
Will this service work anywhere? This service only works per your location. Customers can purchase a wireless router that will emit a wireless signal in their homes or bussinesses. This will most of the time get them access to the internet anywhere in their homes and sometimes out in their yards. Please BEWARE that your neighbors might be able to use your service also. Security is definitely needed on your routers if you have neighbors that live close by.